Mosley beam for 10, 15, and 20 meters.

I modified the Mosley antenna to include a choke balun and a quick disconnect outlet. While the choke balun is not a true balun, it does provide some balance to the signal reaching the antenna and reduces RF in the shack. I am currently running the antenna with the ground strap disconnected. That reduces power lost in the mast itself. While the removal of the ground strap did appear to increase the SWR at the low end of each band, reports (so far) have indicated an improvement in signal relative to the vertical antenna. The down side is that I have to use the rig antenna tuner to reduce SWR, but all bands are less than 3:1, making them tunable by the Yaesu transceiver.

The quick disconnect will allow me to quickly remove the beam if I choose to crank it down for anticipated high wind (i.e. - hurricane).

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